YogaBoost – Customized Health & Wellness Yoga Programs
for the Modern Workplace

Improve Employee Health

Improvements in both Mental and Physical Wellbeing,  Less Sick Days/ Workers Comp Claims

Increase Productivity

Improved Cognitive Function, Focus, Working Memory And Mood

Proven ROI

Recent studies show up to a 6:1 return for every dollar invested in corporate wellness/ exercise programs


Minutes of Productivity Gained Per Week / Employee


Modern Workplace Challenges

Extended periods of sitting and the general stress of workplace challenges wreak havoc on the body, causing early mortality, obesity, increased blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels.

YogaBoost addresses the challenges of Modern Work Life

The YogaBoost Method

YogaBoost Classes are highly specialized to correct physical imbalances caused by sitting, with additional attention-training and stress-reducing components to replenish energy and reinvigorate mental focus.

The Method

“I look forward to every class, and I’ve been unbelievably thrilled to have this experience as a corporate benefit.”
– Eric Angell, Fitbit

We specialize in yoga for business in San Diego.

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