Each of Our Customized Health & Wellness Yoga Programs is Designed to:

Improve Overall Employee Health

(Fewer Chronic Ailments, Better Cardiovascular Health)

Reduce Sick Days / Workers Comp

(Healthier Minds & Bodies)

Improve Performance & Productivity

(More Focus, Better Moods)

Increase Sense of Well Being in the Workplace

(Reduce Employee Turn Over)

“When I first went to YogaBoost classes, I was new to yoga, so I was cautious but eager. The teacher was fantastic at providing an incredible environment for each person and made me feel comfortable to learn, be challenged, and grow. I always felt excited about going to YogaBoost sessions and I emerged from each session with energy and enthusiasm to greet the rest of the day.”

– Mike, Fitbit

Give your Company a Boost in Health and Productivity!

The YogaBoost method is designed to correct imbalances caused by long hours sitting.

Each class will contain postures to realign head and neck, stretch low/upper back, hamstrings, hips and knees, while strengthening the core, mid back and buttocks.


Classes include deep breathing techniques to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and calm the nervous system as well as meditation and focused attention training.

Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness & specifically tailored to strengthen weaknesses and stretch tight, tense body zones caused by prolonged sitting.


Classes also include Focused Attention Training and Meditation to boost mental acuity.

YogaBoost Yoga Classes
Class are 1 hour long, but can be adjusted to meet 45 minute requirements if less time is available. In order for your staff to actualize the immense benefits of the YogaBoost program, a minimum of 1 class per week is required.  For best results, 2-3 classes per week are recommended.



All YogaBoost instructors are credentialed through Yoga Alliance, insured, and CPR certified.



Participants provide their own mat. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is recommended.



Employer provides on-site practice space (tables and chairs can be moved to create space, if needed).


Learn more about YogaBoost’s highly Customized Health & Wellness Yoga Programs to correct physical imbalances caused by extensive periods of sitting.

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