Modern Work Environments & Extended Sitting ≠ Healthy Bodies


Extended sitting and the general stress of workplace challenges wreak havoc on the body, causing early mortality, obesity, increased blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Early symptoms and warning signs of long term issues that can arise from extended sitting include:

  • Sore neck, eye strain and headaches


  • Aching back and shoulders, postural problems


  • Slouching and shallow breathing (due to decreased oxygen supply)


  • Tight hamstrings and hips, overall stiffness


  • Cold hands and feet (due to decreased circulation)


  • Fatigue

YogaBoost’s Classes Are Designed to Combat the Sedentary Nature and Stress of Modern Workplaces.


General stress and workplace challenges coupled with our fast paced lifestyle have us in a state of “fight or flight” several times a day. When we’re in survival mode, our minds are hazy and unfocused, our blood pressure is raised, we’re at higher risk for stroke and heart attack, and our immune system is compromised. Stress effects emotions, behaviors,thinking ability and physical health.

Sedentary Positions

Extended sitting wreaks havoc on the body, causing early mortality, obesity and metabolic syndrome – increased blood pressure and heart disease, elevated blood sugar, excess body weight around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.


Learn more about YogaBoost’s highly specialized San Diego-based Corporate Yoga Health and Wellness Program to correct physical imbalances caused by extensive periods of sitting.

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